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Bronze edition: 10 | Height: 15″

Among the Iroquois of N,Y. State, lacrosse was a rough and tumble sport which served a multi- faceted purpose in their society: it was in time of peace an outlet for young me to channel competitive and aggressive behavior and an important avenue for them to demonstrate courage, stamina …

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Bronze edition: 10 | Height: 24″

“He was an astute old savage, well trained in the arts of Iroquois rhetoric and gifted with the power of strong and caustic sarcasm…He shared with most of his countrymen the conviction that in all the earth there was nothing so great as the league of the Iroquois.”

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Bronze edition: 20 | Height: 32″

Garakontie was seen by his contemporaries as “the most noted man among all the Iroquois.” He may claim from us recognition as the greatest American diplomat of the 17th century.

He was, for a quarter century, “first among equals” among the “50 Confederate Lords” who ruled over the league …

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The Envoy of Peace

Bronze edition: 20 | Height: 23″

“On the 5th of July, 1645, the Iroquois reappeared at Trois Riviere (Quebec) bringing with them two men of renown, ambassadors of the Mohawk nation. The chief of the Iroquois was Kiotsaeton of impressive size and symmetry. Standing erect in the prow of the French sailboat that had …

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Bronze edition: 10 | Height: 24″

Dances in the Wind

“These people are the most beautiful and have them most civil customs that we have found on this voyage. They are taller than we are … the face is clear-cut … the eyes are black and alert … and their manner is very …

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Study of DeerslayerThe Large Deerslayer

Study| Bronze edition: 60 | Height: 21″
Large | Bronze edition: 4 | Height: 45″

It was often the case among Eastern woodland people to experience a period of want, especially during late winter when game proved scarce or elusive and caches of dried food had been exhausted. Unlike early …

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Bronze edition: 15 | Length: 42″ | Height: 32″

“On the 29th of February 1704, not long before the break of day, the enemy came in like a flood upon us; our watch being unfaithful … they came to my house in the beginning of the onset, and by their violent endeavors to break open …

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The Creator’s Game

The Creator's Game Sculpture


The Creator’s Game (model)Study of the Creator’s Game

Monument | Height: 16 feet
Model | Bronze edition: 10 | Height: 35″
Study | Bronze edition: 250 | Height: 22″

The Creator’s Game is the artist’s  original model for the 16′ monumental bronze permanently installed at the U.S. Lacrosse headquarters/Lacrosse Hall of Fame in …

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Cornplanter (1732-1836)

Bronze edition: 9 | Height: 32″

“He lived in simple style, surrounded with plenty and practicing a rude hospitality while his sway was kind and patriarchal”.

Thus is “Cornplanter” described in his old age by a writer of the 1830s. “Cornplanter” (literally from the Seneca “Kiiontwogke”, meaning “what one plants”) earned fame in his youth …

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Cherokee Ballplayer I and
Cherokee Ballplayer II

Ball Players I & II

Bronze edition: 60 each | Height: 17″ each

Sold as a set or may be purchased separately

Any number of physical maneuvers that would today be considered fouls were permitted in this, the only double stick form of lacrosse which was played by the Cherokee, Choctaw, Creek and other tribes of the Southeast. Tackling, wrestling, …

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A Cherokee Ball Game

Cherokee Ballgame Sculpture

Bronze edition: 25 | Length: 30″

“Lacrosse is deeply rooted in the mythology and oral histories of the tribes that played the game. The early Jesuits appear to have been aware that a lacrosse match was a highly ceremonialized religious expression. Success or failure was attributable more to the prowess of the religious leaders …

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Bronze edition: 9 | Height: 32″

This is a study for the monumental bronze honoring the Cherokee, unveiled along the banks of the Tennessee River and is the first freestanding bronze statue in the city of Chattanooga, Tennessee. Also see the model for the Cherokee monument called Noble Savage.

Footnote: The three letters signifying Cherokee …

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Caughnawaga Mohawks on the Richelieu River

Bronze edition: 7 | Length: 43″

Nemesis of the New England frontier

The Caughnawaga Mohawk, along with the Abenaki of St. Francis, were the nemesis of the New England frontier during the long struggle between France and England for colonial dominance (1689-1763).

Unlike their primarily pro-English brethren of the Iroquois League, these Mohawks were …

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Bronze edition: 20 | Height: 29″

Last Sachem of the Narragansett

The Narragansett was the most powerful tribe in 17th century New England, according to William Hubbard in his “History of the Indian Wars” (1677), and Canonchet was able “to raise 4000 fighting men”.

The Puritans, fearful that the powerful Narragansetts would join the …

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Bloody Brook

Bronze edition: 8 | Height: 24″

In many ways this was like countless skirmishes and battles which raged all along the frontier of 17th and early 18th century New England …

In the autumn of 1676 during the last great Indian resistance of New England tribes, known as “King Phillip‘s War”, a detachment of 100 …

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Banishing the Evil Spirits

Bronze edition: 20 | Height: 22″

An Iroquois Shaman of the False Face Society performing a curing ritual.

Shamans were those who claimed to control supernatural powers; who obtained special potency thru visions and dreams in which powerful spirits revealed themselves to those whose orenda (a potentiality to do or effect results mystically) were …

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Atotarho (First Among Equals)

Bronze edition: 8 | Height: 20″

Chief of the Onondagas

A renowned warrior and a mighty magician stands with his hair of writhing snakes, grotesquely conspicuous through the dim light of tradition at this birth of Iroquois nationality. This was Atotarho (aka Tadodaho), chief of the Onondagas; to this day, his name has been …

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Atlantic Salmon

Bronze edition: 10 | Height: 10″

After dispersing at the beginning of winter into smaller units, the better to subsist by hunting, northeastern tribes gathered again in an annual rite of spring at favorable locations along rivers to catch spawning herring, shad and Atlantic salmon.

Using spears or fishing traps and weirs, the catch was …

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At the Falls

At the Falls Sculpture

Bronze edition: 50 | Height: 20″

“The men employ their time solely in hunting and other exercise of the bow, except that they sometimes take some pains at fishing.”

Edward Winslow, c. 1630

“They went about their daily tasks with a great leisure for their days are all nothing but pastime. They …

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Bronze edition: 20 | Height: 30″

An Iroquois chief and speaker of the Grand Council at Onondaga

Canassetego was an Iroquois chief known not only for his large physical stature, but also for his charisma and his oratorical skill. He was elected speaker of the Grand Council at Onondaga, the spokesman for the most …

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