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“Les Gardiens de Neige”

2020 | Bronze edition: 25 | Width: 18′ | Depth: 27″ | Height: 16″

On the bitterly cold night of February 8, 1690 the 400 Dutch inhabitants of Schenectady in the province of New-York, (formerly Nieuw Nederlandts), oblivious of danger, lay asleep in their beds. The men who were …

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Kryn, a Study for Nightwatch

2020 | Bronze edition: 50 | Height: 11″

Particularly notable among those Mohawks who decided to migrate from their traditional homeland in the Mohawk valley to the Jesuit missionary settlements near Montreal in the 1660’s-1670’s, was a chief known to the French as Joseph Togouiroui and as the Great Mohawk. To the Dutch at …

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Caughnawaga Mohawks on the Richelieu River

Bronze edition: 7 | Length: 43″

Nemesis of the New England frontier

The Caughnawaga Mohawk, along with the Abenaki of St. Francis, were the nemesis of the New England frontier during the long struggle between France and England for colonial dominance (1689-1763).

Unlike their primarily pro-English brethren of the Iroquois League, these Mohawks were …

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