Northeastern Indian Bronze Sculptures by Jud Hartmann

Update for the 2023 Season

We have decided to keep our primary gallery in Blue Hill, Maine open mid May through early December instead of opening the Grafton Gallery. This decision has already proven beneficial. For the first time since 1954 an image of Blue Hill has appeared on the cover of the magazine of Maine “Downeast” for the October 2023 issue.

Photo by Dave Waddell

Native American Bronzes

Jud Hartmann’s primary artistic focus since 1983, has been the creation of a series of limited-edition bronze sculptures entitled: The Woodland Tribes of the Northeast – the Iroquoians and Algonkians. Unlike the countless bronzes depicting the American West beginning with artists like Frederick Remington and Charlie Russell, this series represents for the first time in sculpture, an exploration of the Eastern Woodland Tribes. It is far and away the most in-depth portrayal of Northeastern Indians ever done. Availability of sculptures and prices on request.

“He Hunts in the Spirit World”

Sculpture Imagery

Photography on this site is by Photographer and Videographer Frank Netto of Versatile Video unless otherwise noted. Editions of the sculptures do vary in appearance for several reasons. The sculptor uses pigment on a number of the bronzes, notably on the red blanket on The Study of King of the Maqua. Also, the bronzes are cast to order and the type of patina (darker or lighter) as well as the use of pigment (or not) is customized to the client’s wishes.

Blue Hill Gallery

Native American History

sample acrylic plaque

Accompanying each bronze  is an acrylic plaque which gives the viewer historical insight into the sculpture. These plaques represent a small part of the exhaustive research into mostly primary sources from the early 16th c.- the early 19th c. by French, English, Dutch & American observers as well as the oral histories and traditions of the Native people and their contemporary descendants. The research is the foundation for all the sculptures. The bronze sculptures as well as a work in progress, along with a large display of paintings by talented local artists can be viewed in our Blue Hill, Maine gallery from mid-May through early November. Learn more about our galleries on our Galleries page.

Our 1755 Map

Image of 1775 Map
This is a copy of a 1755 map showing, among other things, the location of the numerous Northeastern Indian tribes.

On Being an Artist

“Nearly 40 years ago, involved in carving the Oriental Doors, I came across a paper written by a Chinese poet, painter, philosopher and landscape architect from the Golden Age of Chinese culture – the Tang Dynasty. It immediately resonated with me. So recently I condensed it down to its essence and have it framed and displayed in my gallery….As an artist, I am striving to master the seventh step.”

Jud Hartmann, 2021

There are 7 steps to becoming a great artist…these first 6 steps can be taught and they can be learned. But to become a great artist one must master the seventh step. The seventh step cannot be taught and it cannot be learned. It is a gift from heaven: the ability to impart life!

From the Tang Dynasty, Wang Wei (699-759)

Introduction to the Jud Hartmann Gallery

Watch the introduction video below to learn about the casting of bronze sculptures and more about how Jud Hartmann came to be a sculptor.

Some browsers may not allow full screen viewing but you can use the YouTube link in the video where the full screen option will work. You won’t want to miss out on full screen viewing. Enjoy! Find more videos narrated by Jud Hartman on the Jud Hartmann YouTube channel.


Where the Bronzes Are

“Years ago I decided to track where my sculptures have gone/where my clients live. It occurred to me, given the subject I focus on, that a present day map would not be appropriate. I had the good fortune to find this 1856 “school map” which hangs in my gallery and is how I keep track.”

Jud Hartmann, 2021


Paintings at Our Blue Hill Gallery

Sunset Painting
Sunset ‐ Oil ‐ Canvas ‐ 48 x 72 ‐ Available ‐ $14,000.00 USD

Along with the bronzes, we are displaying paintings by gifted artists with a local connection in oils, watercolor and pastels. Among whom are Charles Fenner Ball, Carolyn Walton, Jean Hirons, Randy Eckard, Sally Ladd Cole, Ken DeWaard, Donald Rainville and others. As time goes on we will be adding more images of them to our paintings section.

Please note our updated gallery schedule below!

6 Main Street
Grafton, VT 05146
79 Main Street
Blue Hill, ME 04614
(207) 461-5307
ClosedMid-May through Early December
Off season by appointment. ( 207-460-2143)