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The Chiefe Wereowance of the Susquehannock

The Chiefe Wereowance of the Susquehannock Sculpture

2019 | Bronze edition: 35 | Height: 31″

“…such great and well proportioned men are seldom seene, for they seemed like giants to the English…”

Within about a year of the founding of the English colony at Jamestown in Virginia, Captain John Smith sailed north exploring the Chesapeake. He had primarily two goals …

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Bronze edition: 20 | Height: 33″

“None of the most famous heroes of rome have discovered a greater love of their country or a greater contempt of death than these people.”

The 5 nations of the Iroquois league (Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga and Seneca) were governed at the highest level by the grand council …

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Bronze edition: 7 | Height: 36″

A.K.A. “Le Cerf Agile”  (Bounding Elk)

“Such an unblemished specimen of the
noblest proportions of man.”

Uncas, son of Chingachgook, the fictional character of James Fenimore Cooper’s “Last Of The Mohicans”, who is first introduced by him in the following passage:  “…there was no concealment to his …

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Bronze edition: 20 | Height: 21″

Huron Chief

One of the Indian leaders and chief of the Hurons who accompanied the French commander Hertel on the February 29th raid on Deerfield in 1704. Along with the Caughnawago Mohawk and the Abenaki, the Hurons of Lorette were strong, dependable allies of the French.

When …

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Sesquhannock Sculpture

SesquehannockStudy of Susquehannock

Large | Bronze edition: 5 | Height: 48″
Study | Bronze edition: 60 | Height: 21″

“He seemed the goodliest man we ever beheld!”

“…60 of those Susquehannock came to us . . . such great and well-proportioned men are seldome seene, for they seemed like giants to the English …

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The Romans of the West

The Roams of the West Sculpture

The Roams of the WestA Study of the Romans of the West IA Study of the Romans of the West II

Large | Bronze edition: 25 | Height: 25″
Study I | Bronze edition: 60 | Height: 18″
Study II | Bronze edition: 60 | Height: 17″

An Iroquois war party invading the Huron …

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Bronze edition: 20 | Height: 30″ (with base)

“According to Canadian tradition, he was not above middle height, though his muscular figure was cast in a mold of remarkable symmetry and vigor…his features had a bold and stern expression; while his habitual bearing was imperious and peremptory, like that of a man accustomed to sweep …

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Ononkwaya (An Oneida Chief)

Bronze edition: 20 | Height: 24″

“I had always supposed, heretofore, that the paintings and the busts I had seen of the Roman Emperors, represented the ideal of artists rather than men who had actually ever existed… until I came to this country (the land of the Hurons/Iroquois). For …

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(Men Surpassing All Other Men)

Bronze edition: 10 | Height: 16″

“Among all the nations and tribes in this vast extent of country, those called the Five Nations (Iroquois) stand distinguished and deserving of the first notice. They are dreaded and revered by all others for their superior understanding, activity and valor in …

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The Mohican

(“Chingachgook, le Gros Serpent”)

Bronze edition: 7 | Height: 34″ (with base)

James Fenimore Cooper’s fictional character, Chingachgook was supposedly the “last” of the Mohicans. They were called “Mahican” from the Dutch ‘Mahikander’, meaning ‘river people’ and their homeland was along much of the Hudson River Valley. An Algonkian people, they became trading partners with …

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Joseph Brant

Bronze edition: 9 | Height: 32″ (with base)

“In the features of Brant may be seen the personification of the aristocratic, cruelly domineering Iroquois, natural men who are impassioned lovers of freedom and warfare …”

“Truly a man of two worlds,” feared by American colonists as the “monster Brant” – a war chief of the Mohawk …

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Bronze edition: 20 | Height: 28″

Seneca Warrior  (c. 1708 ? – 1798)

Guyasuta was conspicuous at the defeats of General Braddock (1755) and of Major Grant at Fort Duquense (1758), the battles of Bushy Run and Devil’s hole in 1763, and the destruction of Hannahstown, Pennsylkvania during the Revolutionary War in 1782. Early …

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Bronze edition: 20 | Height: 29″

Last Sachem of the Narragansett

The Narragansett was the most powerful tribe in 17th century New England, according to William Hubbard in his “History of the Indian Wars” (1677), and Canonchet was able “to raise 4000 fighting men”.

The Puritans, fearful that the powerful Narragansetts would join the …

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Bloody Brook

Bronze edition: 8 | Height: 24″

In many ways this was like countless skirmishes and battles which raged all along the frontier of 17th and early 18th century New England …

In the autumn of 1676 during the last great Indian resistance of New England tribes, known as “King Phillip‘s War”, a detachment of 100 …

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Atotarho (First Among Equals)

Bronze edition: 8 | Height: 20″

Chief of the Onondagas

A renowned warrior and a mighty magician stands with his hair of writhing snakes, grotesquely conspicuous through the dim light of tradition at this birth of Iroquois nationality. This was Atotarho (aka Tadodaho), chief of the Onondagas; to this day, his name has been …

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Bronze edition: 20 | Height: 22″

A Caughnawaga Mohawk warrior

Amrusus was a Caughnawaga Mohawk warrior who later married one of the English captives, Eunice, daughter of the Reverend John Williams of Deerfield, Massachusetts. This was by no means unique, for many unredeemed captives married into various Indian tribes during the long years of …

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Bronze edition: 20 | Height: 30″

The stern and ruthless warrior (always, at least in theory, fighting to avenge the death or insult of a blood relative or publicly avowed friend), might become a noted war-captain or an official war chief. The war-captain ideal, open as it was to all youths, irrespective of clan or …

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