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Donald Rainville Paintings

When She Dreams painting

We are excited about adding the work of Donald Rainville to our gallery. His subject matter and technique set him apart from the other artists we exhibit so we decided to display two of his larger works to gauge the public’s response. We sold them both. Donald takes his inspiration from infinite forms of wild …

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Ken DeWaard

“Beautiful Day On The Water,” painting

Ken DeWaard who lives nearby in Hope, Maine is the newest artist to join our gallery and we are very excited to have his work. Ken is a plein air artist working in oil who beautifully captures the landscape and feel of coastal Maine with a particular focus for our gallery on the Blue Hill …

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Jean Hirons Paintings

"Blue Hill Autumn" Painting

Jean Hirons lives in the Chesapeake area but is a frequent visitor to New England and particularly our part of the Maine coast. We show in our galleries oil and watercolor painters but Jean is the only pastel artist that we carry. She captures the beauty of the Blue Hill/Deer Isle area with a wide …

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Stephan Alexis Pastuhov Paintings

Windham, Vermont Painting

All paintings are framed and we have included an image of the Windham, Vermont painting with the frame. I have known Stephan and admired his work for years. But it was only very recently that we had the good fortune to be able to display his paintings in our Grafton gallery and here on our …

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Sally Ladd-Cole Paintings

"Scoodic Winter Off Shore Wind" Painting

Sally is a highly accomplished artist working in oil. She lives near Concord NH but owns a home in East Blue Hill near us. Her painting focus is New England landscapes and especially paintings along the Maine coast. She is extremely accomplished in depicting water, both ocean waves and freshwater lakes and streams. Her paintings …

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Randy Eckard Paintings

Out of the Fog, Painting

A local artist featuring original watercolors.

Click painting images for enlarged version, size and price.

Drydock, 20” x 28”, Original watercolor, $4500Antique Shopping, 18” x 12”, original watercolor, $2500Missing Piece, 12” x 18”, Original watercolor, $2500Leaving the Island, 28” x 20” Original watercolor, $4500 Across the Meadow, 20’ x 28” Original watercolor, $4500 Out of …

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Barron Krody Paintings

Setting Out Painting

Barron Krody’s paintings are all oil on canvas.

Click painting images for enlarged version, size and price.

Evening Cove 18”x24” $3,200Bucks Harbor Bucks Harbor Calm 12”x 24” $2,600Issac H. Evans 24”x18” $3,200In the Fog 24”x 18” $3,200Seal Cove High Tide 11”x 14” $1,900Curious 14”x 11” $1,900Windjammer 12”x 24” $ 2,600Into Evening 18”x 14” $2,400Setting Out …

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Carolyn Walton Paintings

Pumpkin Island Lighthouse Painting

Carolyn Walton is a local artist in nearby Deer Isle.

Click painting images for enlarged version, size and price.

Island Granite by the Trail ‐ Oil ‐ 16 x 20 ‐ Available ‐ $2,400.00 USDSummer Garden ‐ Oil ‐ 9 x 12 ‐ Available ‐ $1,200.00 USDTrail to the Outlook ‐ Oil ‐ 12 …

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Charles Fenner Ball Paintings

Sunset Painting

We first met Fenner 4 or 5 years ago at our favorite beach in East Blue Hill, Maine. It was a Sunday afternoon and I noticed this guy standing in front of an easel, looking seaward doing a painting of the beach. Curious, I walked over to see the painting, liked it immediately and …

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