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Bronze edition: 7 | Height: 36″

A.K.A. “Le Cerf Agile”  (Bounding Elk)

“Such an unblemished specimen of the
noblest proportions of man.”

Uncas, son of Chingachgook, the fictional character of James Fenimore Cooper’s “Last Of The Mohicans”, who is first introduced by him in the following passage:  “…there was no concealment to his …

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The Mohican

(“Chingachgook, le Gros Serpent”)

Bronze edition: 7 | Height: 34″ (with base)

James Fenimore Cooper’s fictional character, Chingachgook was supposedly the “last” of the Mohicans. They were called “Mahican” from the Dutch ‘Mahikander’, meaning ‘river people’ and their homeland was along much of the Hudson River Valley. An Algonkian people, they became trading partners with …

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