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Shooting the Rapids

2017 | Bronze edition: 35 | Width of base: 29″ | Height: 27″

The fur trade was the economic imperative, the life’s blood of New France. In the early 17TH c. the Huron were the primary trading partners of the French supplying about 10,000 beaver pelts annually. The majority of the pelts, (as well …

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Bronze edition: 20 | Height: 21″

Huron Chief

One of the Indian leaders and chief of the Hurons who accompanied the French commander Hertel on the February 29th raid on Deerfield in 1704. Along with the Caughnawago Mohawk and the Abenaki, the Hurons of Lorette were strong, dependable allies of the French.

When …

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The Romans of the West

The Roams of the West Sculpture

The Roams of the WestA Study of the Romans of the West IA Study of the Romans of the West II

Large | Bronze edition: 25 | Height: 25″
Study I | Bronze edition: 60 | Height: 18″
Study II | Bronze edition: 60 | Height: 17″

An Iroquois war party invading the Huron …

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