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Photo by William Geisler

2022 Bronze edition: 100 | Cherrywood Base | Length: 17″

This was inspired by our daughter-in-law who owns a very successful restaurant/oceanside resort on Deer Isle, Maine called “Aragosta at Goose Cove.” (Aragosta is Italian for Lobster.)

Sea Serpents

(set of two)

Bronze edition: 20 | Height: 30″ and 32″

Inspired by the imaginary creatures which haunted the minds of ancient mariners and swam in the oceans of 16th centure sea charts and maps.

Monstrous Fish

Bronze edition: 20 | Height: 33″

Capable of swallowing ships whole. Lived at a time when the earth was flat. One of the denizens of the “Sea of Darkness” that lived near the edge of the world. (If we may credit the reoprts of ancient mariners). Thought to have become extinct about the time the …

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Bronze edition: 20 each | Height: 19″ and 28″

(Set of Two)

The siren song of the mermaid, accompanied by the trumpeting of a triton conch or the strings of a harp or lyre, tempted many an early mariner. Perched on lonely rock outcroppings, their frightening screams warned of approaching gales, as well. Sightings were not …

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Oriental Doors

Set of four | Bronze edition: 4 | Width: 28″ | Height: 32″

Depicting God, Nature, Family and Work

A small edition in bronze of the original panels that Jud Hartmann carved in teakwood representing: “God”, “Nature”, “Family” and “Work” with two of the panels representing Japanese influence and the other two Chinese influence though …

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Leonardo da Vinci

Bronze edition: 8 | Height: 20″

Cross Country Skier Print

This is a signed, numbered limited edition woodblock engraving inspired by the 65 kilometers Vermont ski marathon which Jud Hartmann competed in 1977. At the time this was the longest Nordic ski marathon in the country.

Long thought to have been sold out, we recently discovered a few copies that are now available for sale at …

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Lacross Limited Edition Print

Editions: 100 | 19″X25″ when framed

This is a signed, numbered, limited edition print of the monumental bronze sculpture in front of our Blue Hill Gallery. Available unframed at $135 which includes shipping.