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“Les Gardiens de Neige”

2020 | Bronze edition: 25 | Width: 18′ | Depth: 27″ | Height: 16″

On the bitterly cold night of February 8, 1690 the 400 Dutch inhabitants of Schenectady in the province of New-York, (formerly Nieuw Nederlandts), oblivious of danger, lay asleep in their beds. The men who were …

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Shooting the Rapids

2017 | Bronze edition: 35 | Width of base: 29″ | Height: 27″

The fur trade was the economic imperative, the life’s blood of New France. In the early 17TH c. the Huron were the primary trading partners of the French supplying about 10,000 beaver pelts annually. The majority of the pelts, (as well …

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Wonders of the Invisible World

Invisible World Sculpture

Bronze edition: 15 | Height: 22″ | Length: 38″

“But such is the decent of the Devil as this day upon ourselves that I may truely tell you, the walls of the whole world are broked down! … The very devils are broke in upon us, to seduce the souls, torment the bodies … and …

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The Romans of the West

The Roams of the West Sculpture

The Roams of the WestA Study of the Romans of the West IA Study of the Romans of the West II

Large | Bronze edition: 25 | Height: 25″
Study I | Bronze edition: 60 | Height: 18″
Study II | Bronze edition: 60 | Height: 17″

An Iroquois war party invading the Huron …

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Penobscot Hunter

Bronze edition: 20 | Height: 23″ | Length: 43″

“These Indians lead a very singular life. At one time of the year they live on a very small store of corn, beans and melons which they have planted; during another period, or about this time, their food is fish, without bread or any other meat; and …

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(Men Surpassing All Other Men)

Bronze edition: 10 | Height: 16″

“Among all the nations and tribes in this vast extent of country, those called the Five Nations (Iroquois) stand distinguished and deserving of the first notice. They are dreaded and revered by all others for their superior understanding, activity and valor in …

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Leaping Moose

Bronze edition: 20 | Height: 26″

A large bull Moose like this can reach 1200 lbs. with 4′ legs and a rack spanning 6′. The word Moose is derived from an Algonkian word meaning “twig eater”. It was the Moose that got the hunter-gatherer tribes of the north (like northern New England) through the winter. …

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At the Month of the Snow Moon

Bronze edition: 20 | Length: 66″ | Height: 30″

An Abenaki Moose Hunt

Two Abenaki hunters emerge from the forest and surprise a bull moose charging across a clearing through the drifted snow. The winter is the best time to hunt the moose since they are slowed by the deep snow, while northern native people, …

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The Envoy of Peace

Bronze edition: 20 | Height: 23″

“On the 5th of July, 1645, the Iroquois reappeared at Trois Riviere (Quebec) bringing with them two men of renown, ambassadors of the Mohawk nation. The chief of the Iroquois was Kiotsaeton of impressive size and symmetry. Standing erect in the prow of the French sailboat that had …

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Bronze edition: 15 | Length: 42″ | Height: 32″

“On the 29th of February 1704, not long before the break of day, the enemy came in like a flood upon us; our watch being unfaithful … they came to my house in the beginning of the onset, and by their violent endeavors to break open …

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A Cherokee Ball Game

Cherokee Ballgame Sculpture

Bronze edition: 25 | Length: 30″

“Lacrosse is deeply rooted in the mythology and oral histories of the tribes that played the game. The early Jesuits appear to have been aware that a lacrosse match was a highly ceremonialized religious expression. Success or failure was attributable more to the prowess of the religious leaders …

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Caughnawaga Mohawks on the Richelieu River

Bronze edition: 7 | Length: 43″

Nemesis of the New England frontier

The Caughnawaga Mohawk, along with the Abenaki of St. Francis, were the nemesis of the New England frontier during the long struggle between France and England for colonial dominance (1689-1763).

Unlike their primarily pro-English brethren of the Iroquois League, these Mohawks were …

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Bloody Brook

Bronze edition: 8 | Height: 24″

In many ways this was like countless skirmishes and battles which raged all along the frontier of 17th and early 18th century New England …

In the autumn of 1676 during the last great Indian resistance of New England tribes, known as “King Phillip‘s War”, a detachment of 100 …

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Atlantic Salmon

Bronze edition: 10 | Height: 10″

After dispersing at the beginning of winter into smaller units, the better to subsist by hunting, northeastern tribes gathered again in an annual rite of spring at favorable locations along rivers to catch spawning herring, shad and Atlantic salmon.

Using spears or fishing traps and weirs, the catch was …

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At the Falls

At the Falls Sculpture

Bronze edition: 50 | Height: 20″

“The men employ their time solely in hunting and other exercise of the bow, except that they sometimes take some pains at fishing.”

Edward Winslow, c. 1630

“They went about their daily tasks with a great leisure for their days are all nothing but pastime. They …

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The Battle on Snowshoes

The Battle on Snowshoes Sculpture

2005 | Bronze edition: 20 | Maximum Height: 32″ | Maximum Width: 28″ | Length: 50 “

One of the most famous battles of the French and Indian War, Robert Rogers turns one of his only defeats into a “victory” through clever public relations and by exaggerating both the enemies strength and the number …

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