The Jud Hartmann Galleries

The Blue Hill Gallery

Jud Hartmann has produced several videos to explain and display his work. On this page he presents his two galleries, how he found them and gives you a guided tour of each one. If you have enjoyed the photographs on this website, you will be impressed by these videos. They allow you to see the sculptures in 3D as the camera moves around the galleries.

Some browsers may not allow full screen viewing but you can use the YouTube link in the videos where the full screen link will work. You won’t want to miss out on full screen viewing. Enjoy! These are professionally made videos and are a treat for the eyes and the ears. Find more informative videos on the Jud Hartmann YouTube channel.

Blue Hill, Maine Gallery

View of Blue Hill, Maine (c. 1882)
The white building on the left (at present, the Jud Hartmann Gallery) as it looked when owned by shipbuilder, the Hon. Reuben George Washington Dodge.

You can see the sculptures in person at the Blue Hill Gallery mid May through early December.

Grafton, Vermont Gallery

See the beautiful gallery in Grafton, Vermont where Jud Hartmann brought two buildings to the site to house the gallery. One is a timber frame barn that came in pieces and was re-assembled. Again, the camera moves over the sculptures, daring you to see them in person! The Grafton gallery is open daily through the foliage season and by chance or appointment from November through Memorial Day. The Grafton gallery is closed and the Blue Hill gallery season has been extended instead.