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The Creator’s Game

The Creator's Game Sculpture


The Creator’s Game (model)Study of the Creator’s Game

Monument | Height: 16 feet
Model | Bronze edition: 10 | Height: 35″
Study | Bronze edition: 250 | Height: 22″

The Creator’s Game is the artist’s  original model for the 16′ monumental bronze permanently installed at the U.S. Lacrosse headquarters/Lacrosse Hall of Fame in …

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Cornplanter (1732-1836)

Bronze edition: 9 | Height: 32″

“He lived in simple style, surrounded with plenty and practicing a rude hospitality while his sway was kind and patriarchal”.

Thus is “Cornplanter” described in his old age by a writer of the 1830s. “Cornplanter” (literally from the Seneca “Kiiontwogke”, meaning “what one plants”) earned fame in his youth …

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Caughnawaga Mohawks on the Richelieu River

Bronze edition: 7 | Length: 43″

Nemesis of the New England frontier

The Caughnawaga Mohawk, along with the Abenaki of St. Francis, were the nemesis of the New England frontier during the long struggle between France and England for colonial dominance (1689-1763).

Unlike their primarily pro-English brethren of the Iroquois League, these Mohawks were …

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Banishing the Evil Spirits

Bronze edition: 20 | Height: 22″

An Iroquois Shaman of the False Face Society performing a curing ritual.

Shamans were those who claimed to control supernatural powers; who obtained special potency thru visions and dreams in which powerful spirits revealed themselves to those whose orenda (a potentiality to do or effect results mystically) were …

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Atotarho (First Among Equals)

Bronze edition: 8 | Height: 20″

Chief of the Onondagas

A renowned warrior and a mighty magician stands with his hair of writhing snakes, grotesquely conspicuous through the dim light of tradition at this birth of Iroquois nationality. This was Atotarho (aka Tadodaho), chief of the Onondagas; to this day, his name has been …

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Bronze edition: 20 | Height: 30″

An Iroquois chief and speaker of the Grand Council at Onondaga

Canassetego was an Iroquois chief known not only for his large physical stature, but also for his charisma and his oratorical skill. He was elected speaker of the Grand Council at Onondaga, the spokesman for the most …

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Bronze edition: 8 | Height: 26″

Akwesasne – the Mohawk word signifying their homeland in upstate New York, meaning, “Where the partridge drums.”

“…they are generally of a stature surpassing that of even the tallest of the English. Robust and quick of apprehension, they are straight and upright of posture and there is scarce …

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Bronze edition: 20 | Height: 22″

A Caughnawaga Mohawk warrior

Amrusus was a Caughnawaga Mohawk warrior who later married one of the English captives, Eunice, daughter of the Reverend John Williams of Deerfield, Massachusetts. This was by no means unique, for many unredeemed captives married into various Indian tribes during the long years of …

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Bronze edition: 20 | Height: 30″

The stern and ruthless warrior (always, at least in theory, fighting to avenge the death or insult of a blood relative or publicly avowed friend), might become a noted war-captain or an official war chief. The war-captain ideal, open as it was to all youths, irrespective of clan or …

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King of the Maquas (Mohawks)

King of the Maquas Sculpture

King of the Maquas

Large | Bronze edition: 5 | Height: 45″

Sa Ga Yeath Qua Pieth Tow was the name of this Mohawk king. Born about 1670, “Brant”, as this man was known to the English, grandfather of the famous Joseph Brant, visited London in 1710 along with three other Mohawk kings in …

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