Barron Krody Paintings

Setting Out Painting

Barron Krody’s paintings are all oil on canvas.

Carolyn Walton’s Paintings

Pumpkin Island Lighthouse Painting

Carolyn Walton is a local artist in nearby Deer Isle.

Charles Fenner Ball Paintings

Sunset Painting

When asked how Charles Fenner Ball paintings came to be in the Jud Hartmann Blue Hill Gallery in 2021, Jud replied, “We first met Fenner 4 or 5 years ago at our favorite beach in East Blue Hill, Maine. It was a Sunday afternoon and I noticed this guy standing in front of an …

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The Chiefe Wereowance of the Susquehannock

The Chiefe Wereowance of the Susquehannock Sculpture

2019 | Bronze edition: 35 | Height: 31″

“…such great and well proportioned men are seldom seene, for they seemed like giants to the English…”

Within about a year of the founding of the English colony at Jamestown in Virginia, Captain John Smith sailed north exploring the Chesapeake. He had primarily two goals …

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“Les Gardiens de Neige”

2020 | Bronze edition: 25 | Width: 18′ | Depth: 27″ | Height: 16″

On the bitterly cold night of February 8, 1690 the 400 Dutch inhabitants of Schenectady in the province of New-York, (formerly Nieuw Nederlandts), oblivious of danger, lay asleep in their beds. The men who were entrusted …

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“For all that’s at Stake”

2017 | Bronze edition: 35 | Height: 24″

“The tall, erect posture and the elastic tread of the Indian…is attributable to physical training. The consequence is… the Indian indulges in those sports which expand the chest and throw back the shoulders and impart agility and grace to the movement of the limbs. …

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Kryn, a Study for Nightwatch

2020 | Bronze edition: 50 | Height: 11″

Particularly notable among those Mohawks who decided to migrate from their traditional homeland in the Mohawk valley to the Jesuit missionary settlements near Montreal in the 1660’s-1670’s, was a chief known to the French as Joseph Togouiroui and as the Great Mohawk. To the Dutch at …

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Shooting the Rapids

2017 | Bronze edition: 35 | Width of base: 29″ | Height: 27″

The fur trade was the economic imperative, the life’s blood of New France. In the early 17TH c. the Huron were the primary trading partners of the French supplying about 10,000 beaver pelts annually. The majority of the pelts, (as well …

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A Study of King of the Maqua (Mohawks)

A Study of King of the Marquas Sculpture

A Study of King of the Maqua

Bronze edition: 60 | Height: 22″

…Queen Anne who presented to the four Mohawk Kings expensive red blankets trimmed in gold…

Sa Ga Yeath Qua Pieth Tow was the name of this Mohawk king. Born about 1670, “Brant”, as this man was known to the English, …

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Major Robert Rogers

Bronze edition: 9 | Height: 27″

“The great and fundamental principle of [the Indians] policy is that every man is naturally free and independent, that no one on earth has the right to deprive him of his freedom and independence and that nothing can be a compensation for the loss of it. …Among …

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Wonders of the Invisible World

Invisible World Sculpture

Bronze edition: 15 | Height: 22″ | Length: 38″

“But such is the decent of the Devil as this day upon ourselves that I may truely tell you, the walls of the whole world are broked down! … The very devils are broke in upon us, to seduce the souls, torment the bodies … and …

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The Winning Goal

The Winning Goal Sculpture

Bronze edition: 8 | Height: 20″

Among the Iroquois of N.Y. State, lacrosse was a rough and tumble sport which served a multi-faceted purpose in their society: it was in time of peace an outlet for young men to channel competitive and aggressive behavior and an important avenue for them to demonstrate courage, stamina …

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War’s Younger Brother

The most famous lacrosse match in history

Bronze edition: 25 | Height: 15″

Among the tribes of the Eastern Woodlands, lacrosse was valued in part as a substitute for warfare – as a safety valve to release aggressive and competitive tendencies, especially among young men during times of peace. As Joseph Brant (Thayendenegea), the …

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Bronze edition: 20 | Height: 33″

“None of the most famous heroes of rome have discovered a greater love of their country or a greater contempt of death than these people.”

The 5 nations of the Iroquois league (Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga and Seneca) were governed at the highest level by the grand council …

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Bronze edition: 7 | Height: 36″

A.K.A. “Le Cerf Agile”  (Bounding Elk)

“Such an unblemished specimen of the
noblest proportions of man.”

Uncas, son of Chingachgook, the fictional character of James Fenimore Cooper’s “Last Of The Mohicans”, who is first introduced by him in the following passage:  “…there was no concealment to his dark, …

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Bronze edition: 20 | Height: 21″

Huron Chief

One of the Indian leaders and chief of the Hurons who accompanied the French commander Hertel on the February 29th raid on Deerfield in 1704. Along with the Caughnawago Mohawk and the Abenaki, the Hurons of Lorette were strong, dependable allies of the French.

When the …

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Sesquhannock Sculpture

Large | Bronze edition: 5 | Height: 48″
Study | Bronze edition: 60 | Height: 21″

“He seemed the goodliest man we ever beheld!”

“…60 of those Susquehannocks came to us . . . such great and well-proportioned men are seldome seene, for they seemed like giants to the English . . . …

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The Seneca-Mohawk Lacrosse Game of 1797

The Seneca-Mohawk Lacrosse Game of 1797 Sculpture

Bronze edition: 35 | Height: 17″

“The tall erect posture and the elastic tread of the Indian… is attributable to… physical training. The consequence is,….the Indian indulges in those sports which expand the chest and throw back the shoulders and impart agility and grace to the movements of the limbs. In addition to …

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Sea Serpents

(set of two)

Bronze edition: 20 | Height: 30″ and 32″

Inspired by the imaginary creatures which haunted the minds of ancient mariners and swam in the oceans of 16th centure sea charts and maps.

Sconondoa (Shenandoah)

Bronze edition: 20 | Height 30″

“Sconondoa, an incredibly old and frail chief of the Oneidas, rose to speak at a treaty negotiation between the British and the Iroquois at Albany, N.Y. The date was July 17, 1752. No one knew how old he was but no white man present knew him except …

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