He Who Is Without Equal


Monument | Bronze edition: 7 | Height: 12 feet
Study | Bronze edition: 50 | Height: 28″

Above is the study and the monumental 12 foot tall sculpture that stands outside the Jud Hartmann Gallery in Blue Hill, Maine.

His endurance, strength, speed and grace were legendary. He could run down and slay a deer. His years as a renowned warrior and hunter required of him lightening quick reflexes and senses that were honed to an astonishing degree. Only the aboriginal hunter and warrior, whose very life depended on these qualities for survival in the great forests that were his natural home, could bring these attributes to the playing field, to the game that was a gift to the Iroquois from the Creator Himself.

In the mid-17th c., at the height of Iroquois power, amidst the giants who played the game then (with a level of skill that would have left modern players in awe) he was the greatest player of his day. He was known as “Iah-onhka – senha Eneken Tehote” that is, “he who is without equal.”