The Moose Hunter

Bronze edition: 50 | Height: 16″

In the deep snows and shortened days of the month of the snow moon, the moose hunter stalks his prey. More than any other animal, the moose will allow his Abenaki band to survive the lean months of winter. Weighing as much as 1200 lbs, and standing 7′ tall at the shoulders, the “Mong-soa” or “twig- eater” is the largest of the deer family. Winter is the best time to hunt the moose who are slowed by the deep and drifting snow while the northern hunter skims along the surface on lightweight snowshoes fastened to tall winter moccasins fashioned out of moosehide. A successful moose hunt will involve a ceremony of thanks performed with humility and respect to appease the spirit of the deceased animal, thus helping to insure success in future hunts.