Susquehannock, a bronze sculpture by Jud Hartmann

"He seemed the goodliest man we ever beheld!"


". . . 60 of those Susquehannocks came to us . . . such great and well-proportioned men are seldome seene, for they seemed like giants to the English . . . these are the strangest people of all those countries both in language and attire; for their language it may well beseeme their proportions, sounding from them as a voyce in a vault. Their attire is the skinnes of beares and woolves, some have cassocks made of beares heades and skinnes . . . The half sleeves coming to the elbows were the heads of beares and the arms through the open mouth . . . one had a head of a Woolf hanging from a chain for a jewell . . . with a club suitable to his greatness sufficient to beat out one's brains. Five of their chiefe wereowances came aboard us . . . (of) the greatest of them his hayre, the one side was long and the other shorn close with a ridge over his crowne like a cocks combe . . . The calfe of whose leg was 3/4 of a yard around and all the rest of his limbes so answerable to that proportion that he seemed the goodliest man we ever beheld! "

From the voyages of Captain John Smith (of Jamestown, Va)
1607 - 1609

Bronze edition: 5     Height: 48"